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New technology coming to Oi 2024

A cgi showing data from a sub bottom profiler

Our focus during Oi 2024 (stand p400) will be on recent developments to our diverse product portfolio. We will launch a new sub-bottom profiler and place the spotlight on the unique new AI capabilities for the GeoSwath 4 sonar, which position it as the only bathymetric survey sensor capable of providing a quality-controlled livestream of the seafloor.

The new GeoPulse 2 sub-bottom profiler introduces new generation capabilities for the de facto industry standard GeoPulse sub-bottom profiler family. As a significant upgrade to the field proven GeoPulse and GeoPulse + systems, which are renowned for their reliability, ruggedness, ease of operation and flexibility, GeoPulse 2 offers new features including 10 x more output power, positioning it as an ideal new solution for surveys in much deeper water than before.

We've made sure that current GeoPulse users can adopt the new technology with ease, so make sure to ask us about the upgrade path at Oi24! Talking about GeoPulse 2, Chief Commercial Officer at GeoAcoustics Richard Dowdeswell said:

“GeoPulse is well established as the leading shallow water sub-bottom profiler but with GeoPulse 2 we are expanding our core technology into deeper waters. We are confident that the inherent accuracy and dependability associated with GeoPulse will transfer to this new operational domain and looking forward to working closely with early adopters to help them unlock new quality and efficiencies for sub-bottom surveys, whether offshore or closer to land.”

Watch out for more information on GeoPulse 2 during Oi 2024.


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