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Artificial Intelligence is FREE

Massive capabilities upgrade for GeoSwath 4 bathymetric echosounder at no extra cost for existing or new users

Upgrade your GeoSwath 4 bathymetric sonar to the latest firmware and benefit from artifical data analysis for free.

We have developed a ground-breaking upgrade for the GeoSwath 4 system, elevating it to the position of one of the most advanced bathymetric sonars in the world today.


Already trialed by selected end-users globally, the upgrade improves in-survey operational agility and decision support, while cutting the time to final data in post-processing

What does it do?

Why does it do it?

The AI-powered upgrade augments the existing automated filtering in the GeoSwath 4 bathymetric sonar software by applying machine learning to remove surplus and undesired data autonomously; during acquisition, the system is designed to log virtually clean data, without any user intervention in the cleaning process.

Cleaner and practically real-time data on-board provides invaluable decision support for surveyors and marine operations during surveys. Likewise, because data is processed while it is collected, it can significantly reduce time spent in post processing. Essentially, bathymetric surveys using Geoswath 4 with the AI upgrade can be done faster and more efficiently, saving time and money at sea and ashore. 

Get already processed data from the seafloor in milliseconds.

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