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Sub-Bottom Profilers

Services Provided

A yellow sub-bottom profiler transducer

Sub-Bottom Profiler

GeoPulse Compact OTS

  • Lightweight and rugged design

  • Wide frequency range

  • Output power up to 1 kW

  • Low power: 10 - 30 VDC (30 W)

  • Operates to 100 m+/Penetration to 80 m

  • Resolution as small as 6 cm

A screenshot of data taken from a sub-bottom profiler

Sub-Bottom Profiler


  • Topas PS 18: Water depths from 10 metres to full ocean depth operation.

  • Topas PS 40: High resolution, medium depths, 5-1000 metre operation.

  • Topas PS 120: Portable, very high res., shallow depths, 3-400 metre operation.

A picture of a mounting system for a bathymetric sonar or sub-bottom profiler

Mounting System

OTS Mount

  • The OTS mounting kit provides safe operations for instruments including:

  • GeoAcoustics GeoSwath 4

  • GeoAcoustics GeoPulse Compact

  • Kongsberg EM240P

  • Kongsberg TOPAS P120

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