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GeoPulse Compact OTS

The GeoPulse Compact OTS (Over the Side) sub-bottom profiler has been specifically designed for rapid deployment and ease of use.

A yellow sub-bottom profiler transducer

The GeoPulse Compact OTS (Over the Side) produces repeatable, high quality results time after time, whilst minimising the possibility of user error. Brand new Transducer and Hydrophone designs combine with state-of-the-art, adjacent, transmit and receive electronics to outperform any other system on the market in the same size and weight class. 

Building upon GeoAcoustics’ countless years of experience with the industry stalwart GeoPulse Pinger, the system provides a flexible, reliable, and high-performance solution specifically targeted for use in lakes, rivers, harbours, estuaries and seas/oceans with a depth of between 1m and over 100m.

The GeoPulse Compact is suitable for a wide variety of applications including geological, dredging, and environmental surveys as well as pipeline and buried object detection, and is shipped with the latest, industry standard Chesapeake SonarWiz software for control, visualisation and data processing/export.

Relevant Applications

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Buried Object


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