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Pipeline Tracking


Whether offshore, near-shore, in ports and harbours or inland waterways, the route and condition of pipelines can ne easily and quickly obscured by the build up of silt and other material.

Two pipelines below the surface of shallow seawater

While a pipeline may not start of buried, it could become so at some point in its life. Without visibility to cameras and divers, engineers must use Sub-Bottom Profilers to accurately pinpoint where pipelines are, sometimes across many kilometres, in order to access them for maintenance or to address specific issues.

The GeoPulse system is one of the leading Sub-Bottom Profilers for the tracking of submerged pipelines. It can even be configured with a specific transducer array design to maximise the footprint size and detection capabilities, together with an additional high frequency transducer for higher resolution imaging and burial depth determination.

The system is well-proven in buried objects and pipeline tracking applications and is highly regarded as an effective solution because:

  • The transducer layout can be configured to give the perfect acoustic footprint for pipe detection

  • Can be configured with a 14 kHz transducer, allowing higher resolution data for depth measurement

  • Over-the-side towed or hull mounted deployment.

Relevant Producs

Relevant Products



A silver torpedo shaped side scan sonar towfish
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