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OTS Mount

An easy to use and reliable mounting system for diverse sonar equipment on practically any vessel

A picture of a mounting system for a bathymetric sonar or sub-bottom profiler

The GeoAcoustics’ Over The Side (OTS) Mount has been in use for over 20 years and is a tried and tested design for mounting sonar equipment on various vessel types. It provides a reliable and stable mounting platform for a vast array of sonar equipment such as side scan, bathymetric or sub-bottom profiler systems. 

Although principally designed for operation with GeoAcoustics Ltd equipment, the OTS mount can be modified for use with almost any third-party sensor using a simple custom adapter. The simple, yet rugged design offers clear advantages over other systems employing work drives to raise and lower the pole. Further, a range of GNSS position / heading sensors can be fitted to the top of the OSM pole set.


Key features:

  • The OTS mounting kit provides safe operations for instruments including:

  • GeoAcoustics GeoSwath 4

  • GeoAcoustics GeoPulse Compact

  • Kongsberg EM240P

  • Kongsberg TOPAS P120


  • Hemisphere V113, V500 mounting bracket

  • Applanix POS MV, Hemisphere VS1000 mounting bracket

  • Kongsberg Seapath 130 mounting bracket

  • Kongsberg Seapath 330 mounting bracket

Relevant Applications

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Buried Object


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