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Inland Waterway Mapping


Inland waterways are particularly susceptible to fast changes in the underwater environment with problems ranging from the build up of silt at water inlets for power stations to the monitoring of pipes and cables crossing the riverbed.

A concrete dam with gates open and fast running river water

Inland waterway mapping applications all demand accurate data that is easy and cost-effective to acquire.

While safe navigation is also an important aspect that requires regular marine surveys to be conducted on inland waterways, the hydroelectric power industry is one of the biggest users of GeoAcoustics bathymetric sonars and sub-bottom profilers.

The Swiss company AXPO, which is responsible for 25 lakes with hydroelectric power stations uses GeoSwath 4 to measure the depth of its reservoirs so that it can use water volume measurements to accurately predict the amount of energy that each power station is able to contribute to the grid.

GeoSwath 4 also helps AXPO to decide when rivers and reservoirs need dredging to improve capacity, and even contribute to scour monitoring surveys which help to ensure that underwater infrastructure is in a safe condition.

Relevant Producs

Relevant Products

GeoSwath 4


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