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GeoSwath 4 PHS

GeoSwath 4 PHS is a complete solution for industry-leading simultaneous swath bathymetry and side scan sonar mapping for shallow waters.

A mounting system for a bathymetric sonar package

The GeoSwath Portable Hydrographic Solution (PHS) combines the GeoSwath 4R with all of the required external sensors in one complete package. There are a number of external sensors which are combined with the GeoSwath to form a PHS and these are supplied from a number of organisations including Applanix, AML, Hemisphere, Kongsberg Seatex, SBG, SMC and Valeport.

As well as the required external sensors the GeoSwath PHS is also supplied with the tried and tested Over The Side Mount. This mount is also compatible with the GeoPulse, GeoPulse Pipeliner and GeoPulse Compact range of sub-bottom profilers. The GeoSwath 4 utilises a dual transducer head that provides bottom coverage up to twelve times the water depth and delivers data accuracies that exceed IHO hydrographic survey standards. The geo-referenced side scan data can be calibrated for repeatable results to provide enhanced object detection and bottom classification.

The system comes included with the latest GS4 software which provides the complete project-based solution, and includes acquisition, storing and editing of sonar and ancillary data, data processing and advanced data gridding capabilities, side scan mosaicing and 3D data visualisation.

Relevant Applications

A dredging vessel on the sea spraying sand onto a beach



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