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GeoPulse 2

The GeoPulse 2 is a new Generation Sub-Bottom Profiler with new capabilities and potential for operation in deeper waters

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The GeoPulse 2 is a significant upgrade for the industry-proven GeoPulse and GeoPulse + systems
which are renowned for their reliability, ruggedness, ease of operation and flexibility.


The GeoPulse 2 deck unit is a drop-in replacement for the original GeoPulse transmitter (5430P) using the same deck cable and connector and also replaces the need for the separate GeoPulse Receiver (5210A). It offers a range of programmable source signatures including CW, Chirp and Ricker and output power is continuously adjustable up to 10 kW.

The complete sub-bottom profiling system comprises of the GeoPulse 2 transceiver which is connected to either 4, 9 or 16 T135 transducers. 4 transducer arrangements can either be hull mounted or in an over-the-side mount assembly (Model 132). Hull mounting is used for 9 and 16
transducer configurations.

Relevant Applications

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Buried Object


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