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Brand new SonarWiz software for Pulsar Side Scan Sonar

We’re pleased to report that together with Chesapeake Technology, we have created a new topside application for the Pulsar sidescan sonar. Called SonarWiz Sidescan Field for Pulsar (a.k.a. Pulsar Server), the new software is designed as an alternative for the MS1000 currently in use and features a direct connection to the sonar for the operation and collection of data.

Pulsar server for sonar control
Pulsar server for sonar control

Pulsar Server will provide the operator full control of the sonar and better visualisation of the data during survey operations. It is easy to use, and with Chesapeake’s online help and support staff, it doesn’t take long to be up and running.

The new system is based on the SonarWiz software solution, a standard for work in the Geophysical spectrum, and backed by more than two decades of innovation and work in sonar systems by Chesapeake Technology.

Sidescan data collection in SonarWiz
Sidescan data collection in SonarWiz

Together with Chesapeake Technology, GeoAcoustics Ltd is committed to providing this new solution at a low cost. Chesapeake Technology has guides and training materials on its website, designed to get you started quickly. Remote Zoom training, webinars and in-person workshops are also available.

Please contact or for quotes and further information.


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