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C.A. Richards & Associates and GeoAcoustics extend Channel Partner Agreement

The C A Richards logo in green and the GeoAcoustics logo in blue and grey

C.A. Richards & Associates, Inc, a Sottomarine Company has signed an agreement to represent GeoAcoustics Ltd across the 50 United States of America. The new agreement expands on the existing relationship which focused on meeting demand for GeoAcoustics’ innovative hydrographic technology primarily in Gulf States.

“The partnership between GeoAcoustics and CA Richards secures our ability to meet the needs of marine survey companies and offshore contractors across the whole of the US,” said Richard Dowdeswell, Chief Commercial Officer, GeoAcoustics Ltd. “We’re looking forward to building on this to ensure that their customers can continue to leverage the data quality and workflow benefits that our GeoSwath, GeoPulse and Pulsar technologies unlock, as CA Richards enters a new era under Sottomarine.”


“Richard and the team at GeoAcoustics have done a fabulous job of reinventing their approach to the market.  We are excited and honored to play a big role in the GeoAcoustics strategy for the U.S. There are so many applications for their products from seabed and waterway mapping to buried object detection and geological, dredging, environmental, and hydroprahical surveys to pipeline tracking and infascruture inspections!” said Shannon Giagnorio, CEO, C.A. Richards & Assoc.

“The current growth in the Unmanned and Robotic sectors of our offshore markets makes this a perfect time to be aligned with GeoAcoustics and their product offering. We are looking forward to seeing their sales take off as our customer base discovers the benefits of their impressive line,“ said Tom Giagnorio, President, C. A. Richards & Assoc.

About C.A. Richards & Associated, a Sottomarine Company:

Serving the Subsea and Offshore Industries since 1971, C.A. Richards is an award-winning Houston based, all-encompassing business development consulting firm focused on the Offshore and Subsea markets of the Western Hemisphere.  C.A, Richards represents some of the most innovative companies in the offshore space and provides both a la carte and integrated consultative solutions. C.A. Richards is currently representing a variety of solutions including:

  • Leak Detection Monitoring

  • Pipeline Inspection

  • Digital Twinning

  • Load Management Systems

  • Automation, Machine Learning and Ai Solutions

  • Acoustically Based Field Positioning Systems

  • ROV Umbilicals and Tethers

  • Launch & Recovery Systems

  • Subsea Electronics- Lights, Cameras, Sonars, Sensors, DVR

  • Offshore Communication Systems

  • ROV & Survey Rentals

C.A. Richards works with organizations worldwide.  Helping business leaders achieve growth acceleration in the business-to-business sales environment.  They assess and equip sales teams, identify, and make strategic connections with decision makers in target companies, and provide experienced guidance on sales and market capture strategies.

C.A. Richards aims to fulfill client growth potential by reviewing existing marketing plans and business strategies or developing a new, bespoke business model. C.A. Richards focuses on increasing turnover through existing customer relationships and new customer additions.  They can expand the foothold for clients already established in the offshore market or help clients enter the Americas territories.


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