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‘Energising the East’ with AI-Powered Bathymetric Sonar

The Marine Science & Technology Sector council logo in tones of blue

Richard Dowdeswell, Chief Commercial Officer of GeoAcoustics Ltd presented the benefits of integrated Artificial Intelligence (AI) for bathymetric data processing at two different events yesterday (Wednesday 17th September).

The first was the Marine Science & Technology Sector Council's 'Energising the East' event at Norwich City Football Club on Wednesday, April 17th. The event focused on ‘new technologies enabling offshore revitalisation’.

Delegates heard from wind developers, operators, survey contractors, environmental consultants, and leading industry organizations about upcoming projects, new developments, and advances in alternative energy.

The agenda featured speakers from Equinor, The Crown Estate, and Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult. Additionally, Richard Dowdeswell, Chief Commercial Officer of GeoAcoustics Ltd, and Dr. Wenjia Wang from the University of East Anglia presented on using AI to process sonar data, highlighting the GeoSwath 4 bathymetric sonar—one of the most advanced systems available today.

The day also offered numerous networking opportunities. Speakers from a range of organizations—including Orsted, SSE, Marine Management Organisation, Gardline, ERM, Benthic Solutions, Seequent, RPS, Cefas, Connected Innovation, and SpaceEast—delivered highly informative and educational presentations to the assembled audience.

“'Energising the East' was a great opportunity to showcase how AI can transform offshore development as well as wind farm operations and maintenance,” said Richard Dowdeswell. “While the focus was on the supply chain serving the energy industry in the East of England, many topics discussed also provided global insights.”

After his talk at Energising the East, Richard took to the stage at the University of East Anglia for his second presentation. This one was called ‘How Can AI and Machine Learning Future-Proof Your Business’ and was hosted as part of the Eastern Daily Press Norfolk Business Festival.  

A man presenting in front of a large TV sceen showing bathymetric data
Richard Dowdeswell presenting at the University of East Anglia


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