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GeoSwath 4 sets new bar for interferometric sonar performance

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Check out these almost identical bathymetry images both from data acquired just off Lowestoft, UK.

A colourful image comparing multibeam echosounder data with data captured by an interferometric sonar

One of the data sets was collected using a Kongsberg EM2040P multibeam echosounder and the data was processed by a Cat A hydrographic surveyor. The other was collected by a 500 kHz GeoSwath bathymetric system with the data processed using the new #artificialintelligence capabilities of the GeoSwath software.

Not much in it we think you’d agree!

This is the state of play for interferometric sonar in 2023. With our advanced AI upgrade, the GeoSwath 4 can match the data quality of leading multibeam systems for marinesurvey with the added advantage of doing it in real-time on board.

This powerful new upgrade is available for free of charge for users of GS4 software version 1.0.24 and above. Contact us now if you haven’t upgraded your GeoSwath 4 yet.


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