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New Channel Partner Appointed in Vietnam

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

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GeoAcoustics has appointed Dai Quang Co., Ltd as our new Channel Partner in Vietnam.

Established in 1999 and headquartered in the Vietnamese capital Hanoi, Dai Quang Co., Ltd specialises in providing consulting services, solutions and equipment from Leading manufacturer in the world in the fields of Meteorology, Hydrology & Oceanography, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), Marine Geology, Surveying & GPS, and Hydrographics.

The company has extensive experience in the integration of measurement, monitoring and surveying systems across diverse sectors including natural resources & the environment, transportation, agriculture, forestry, fishery, scientific research and security.

GeoAcoustics Ltd products will be added to Dai Quang Co., Ltd already extensive marine product portfolio, which includes:

· Wave, current, tide gauges

· Meteorological and hydrographic floats

· Single beam/multibeam echo sounders

· Aquatic equipment

· Rosette water sampling systems – CTD

· Hydroacoustic data transmission systems

· Wave measurement stations

With the addition of Dai Quang Co., Ltd, we now have 58 Channel Partners covering 68 countries, and continue to seek co-operation with experienced marine technology providers globally. For information on becoming a GeoAcoustics Ltd Channel Partner, contact us on:


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