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The 2nd Hamburg Marine Survey Sessions

Our General Manager Richard Dowdeswell presented at the 2nd Hamburg Marine Survey Sessions this week.

His focus was on the use of A.I. to unlock the power of real-time, high-quality data onboard. For many in the audience, the ability to get a live data stream during a survey was very positive news, and there was definitely real excitement after Richard had shown how GeoAcoustics' work with the University of East Anglia will result in A.I. data-processing capabilities for GeoSwath very soon.

Richard Dowdeswell details A.I. developments at the 2nd Hamburg Marine Survey Sessions

A.I. and autonomy were very high on the agenda at the 2nd Hamburg Marine Survey Sessions, which was organised by marine survey company Nicola Offshore and several partners working in the offshore wind, technology, and services segments. A brand new USV called Autonomous Surveyor was christened by GeoAcoustics partner Subsea Europe Servicves and delegates also got the opportunity to see an innovative 'hovering AUV' from Singapore company BeeX in action.

Christening of the MANTAS T12 USV

We also took the opportunity to highlight the practically real-time data available from the GeoAcoustics Pulsar side scan sonar, which was installed on Nicola Offshore's Nautical Explorer survey vessel. The demo sessions went without a hitch, with Richard able to show delegates the quality and speed of detailed data produced by the Pulsar system, which was being towed two metres behind and easily showing accurate images of barges, moored vessels and dockside walls.

Demonstrating Pulsar on the Nautical Explorer


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