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Bad weather? No problem…

Just in case you missed it last week, our Palermo, Italy headquartered partner GBT Offshore posted a short video highlighting multibeam river surveying using the GeoSwath 4R.

A GeoAcoustics partner since August 2021, Geo Bio Team Group (GBT) provides an innovative, knowledge-based and expertise-sharing approach to offshore services. The company was founded in 2013 and focuses on providing highly skilled marine science support on a wide variety of offshore projects. These range from Oil & Gas, to Marine Renewables, Telecommunications, and Nautical Charting industries, while keeping close partnerships with Research Institutes.

As seen in GBT Offshore’s video, GeoSwath 4R is the rugged variant of the powerful GeoSwath 4 bathymetric sonar and is made for installation on open boats. The system offers industry-leading simultaneous swath bathymetry and side-scan sonar mapping for shallow waters. It comes with a compact, splash-protected deck unit housing and ruggedised laptop, making it the ideal solution for surveying even in bad weather and rougher conditions. It offers unmatched coverage in shallow-waters with ultra high resolution swath bathymetry and a 240° field of view. This can be right up to the waterline.

GBT Offshore is the sole GeoAcoustics Ltd partner in Italy and Malta, and an experienced and professional team to work with. Find out more about how they are positioned to help you get high-quality bathymetry and side-scan data with GeoSwath 4 at or find their contact details on our channel partners page.


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