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GeoAcoustics Company Day 2022

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

The sun was shining for the GeoAcoustics Company Day 2022 which took place on the 11th of August. The mix of briefings, team exercises and training followed by an afternoon of fun and relaxation for staff and their families proved to be a great success.

The morning included update presentations on strategy and activity as well as reporting on a busy and successful year. We also had a team-building exercise to make the tallest tower capable of supporting an egg out of 25 sheets of A4 paper, 1 x A3 paper and some Sellotape. Great to see the teamwork on show and well done to everybody who took part. This was followed by some external fire safety training which involved putting out fires using water and CO2 fire extinguishers.

The afternoon saw us open the site to family members where we had a circus skills workshop provided by Cosmo and his family from Foolhardy Circus (, entertainment from local group the TestostaTones ( and fantastic food provided by the Smokin’ Grill Guy (

The lovely summer weather and of course our brilliant team helped make for a great afternoon for everyone. Most staff brought their families along and it was a good opportunity to let them see what their husbands, wives, mums and dads do all day at work here at GeoAcoustics!


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